How to find Basic Details for All Tasks Completed by your Computer

Gary Roberts
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People getting started sometimes are surprised to see their completed work disappear from the online database.  The simple reason is that since thousands of tasks are completed every day, it would be prohibitive in resources to keep every detail online for an extended period.

Some time after work is completed and validated, the results are shifted to offline storage, accessible by the staff and scientists involved.  The online database is then purged of those results to keep user access to the latest material as responsive as possible.  If you want to keep any details from the output logs (eg. stderr.txt stuff) returned by your computer, you probably have around a few days to a week after a quorum is complete.

You always have a permanent basic record of each task you complete, stored in the BOINC directory on your computer.  You will find details about what is kept and how to interpret it in this message.