Heads-up for our Transifex translators

Oliver Behnke
Oliver Behnke
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Hi everybody,

We're going to significantly reduce the translation complexity of our main content pages. As you know, right now those pages contain a huge amount of text which appears as a single string per page at Transifex. That not only makes it very cumbersome and error prone to translate those pages (all or nothing), it's also a major annoyance that these texts have to be translated all over again if just a single letter is changed in the original (like fixing a typo). We now devised a way to let editors split these texts seamlessly into small chunks that can then be translated individually, reducing the required effort to a manageable size.


There's one catch, though: in order to do that we have to change the pages once more, which means your original translations won't apply anymore. We will try to create a backup resource of the existing translations so that chunks can simply be copied by you guys later on. But to prevent any loss of your precious work we highly recommend you copy your full-page translations elsewhere to have a personal backup. We'll probably start rehashing the pages in a week from now.



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