The Great Scheduling Schemozzle

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Something very interesting is happening right now.

Since the scheduling problems started, I've been noticing that very little extra credit has been granted (I get 4000+ a day) whilst my pending has gone from 17,000+ to 21,000+. I've also noticed that RAC has been in a steep dive for everybody, so it seems. Mine had dropped from almost 4,300 to 4,000 and others near me had had similar drops. All of this seemed to be consistent with very few new results coming in as would be expected. Only a relatively small number of people would know of the workaround.

In the last hour or so, I've suddenly gained about 2,000 in granted credit and my pending has dropped from 21,000 to 19,000. My RAC has shot up to over 4,100 again. The most likely conclusion is that the scheduler has now been fixed and a whole flood of pent up results have now been returned, allowing the validator to do its thing.

Be interesting to see if this is correct.

Edit: MY RAC is now almost 4,200 and more credit has been granted in the space of writing the above. It's still continuing.

Edit2: I was right!! I actually posted here about 20 seconds before Bruce Allen posted his explanation over on the "Problems" board :).