Gravity Waves and Physical Memory

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If anyone is running Gravity Waves on your CPUs, be aware that some GW can use up to 1.5GB of physical memory of your system. 

Boinc Manager by default is allowed to use 50% of your system's memory. If you use all of your CPU cores and GPUs you may run into a bottleneck where you starve the GPUs of memory, which could lead to errors on the GPUs.  

You can increase the amount of RAM used by BOINC in the setting on the BOINC manager under computing preferences and RAM and stoarge tab.  Make sure you leave some RAM free for your system to use, otherwise you could end up causing a reboot if the system runs out of memory.

For Me, I was able to avoid this by 1) limiting the amount of Gravity Waves on crunching at one time by use of a app_config.xml  2) increase the amount of memory used to 85% leaving enough for the system even when 85% is used by BOINC.