Gravitational Waves in Cold Dark Matter

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R. Flauger, Steven Weinberg : Gravitational Waves in Cold Dark Matter


We study the eects of cold dark matter on the propagation of gravitational waves of astrophysical
and primordial origin. We show that the dominant effect of cold dark matter on gravitational
waves from astrophysical sources is a small frequency dependent modication of the propagation
speed of gravitational waves. However, the magnitude of the eect is too small to be detected
in the near future. We furthermore show that the spectrum of primordial gravitational waves
in principle contains detailed information about the properties of dark matter. However, depending
on the wavelength, the effects are either suppressed because the dark matter is highly
non-relativistic or because it contributes a small fraction of the energy density of the universe.
As a consequence, the effects of cold dark matter on primordial gravitational waves in practice
also appear too small to be detectable.

See here, dated 1 Jan 2018


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