Gravitational Wave search O1 all-sky tuning (beta test)

Jonathan Jeckell
Jonathan Jeckell
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I'm incredibly excited to see this app show up in the applications list and on my machines' status pages today.

A couple of questions though:

1) the Mac OS X on Intel app says (ALTIVEC), but I assume that is an error. Altivec is on PPC Macs.

2) Linux and Windows versions show AVX optimized versions. Is the actual Mac OS X on Intel app going to have some kind of optimization as well? AVX would limit it to newer machines, whereas everything from the CoreDuo and after have SSSE3, SSE4.1, and some other vector extensions that could help a lot.

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Gravitational Wave search O1 all-sky tuning (beta test)

See the Technical news thread.


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