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In scanning through my results, I've noticed that some Linux boxes throw an OpenGL error at the beginning of a result, report no graphics, and then continue on to completion.

1.) Does this mean that S5 (stock version) doesn't bother to execute the graphics loop in the case?

2.) I haven't thought about it a lot yet, but does anyone know if it's possible to kill OpenGL in Windows? If OpenGL isn't there and S5 doesn't execute the graphics loop in that case, this might be a way to squeeze a little more out of S5 without compromising continuity.

3.) Perhaps an option to disable graphics could be incorporated as an EAH specific BOINC option in the next release of S5.

I realize that vast majority of EAH crunchers probably haven't even noticed the switch to S5, but the lengthened crunch time has made EAH a "tight" deadline project again when you hit the long WU's for us running clock speed impaired hosts.

For example, on S4 my K6-2/500's were able to run EAH along with a second project on a short connect interval at a 50% split without forcing BOINC into a tight deadline EDF. Currently the deadline would need to be stretched to about 21 or so days to do this.

Granted mine are slow, but it seems to me that even late model P-III's and early Athlons might be in the same boat if running 3 three or more projects, and there's still a fair number of them out there.

Yes, I know BOINC is fully capable of managing tight deadline projects on it's own and still honor the resource split, but I also know from "painful" experience that constantly switching in and out EDF mode and/or long runs on one project to bring the RS back into line causes it's own unique set of "issues". ;-)

I also suspect streching the deadline to 3 weeks wouldn't be too popular either, so every extra percent I can squeeze out mine makes a difference (to me at least). :-)