GPU crashes with multiple tasks

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cecht wrote:Update: I got the

cecht wrote:

Update: I got the Rx460 card on the Win7 machine to report its sensors readings, report all stats, and connect with AMD Settings by simply briefly hooking it up to the display.  The card also now has Direct Compute 5.0 enabled, and is still ticking along with dual tasks (without the display plugged into it). Live and learn!

The average time (n=10) on the Win10 Dell was 1497 sec for single-run FGRP tasks, and on the Win7 HP was 1328 sec, for a 11% improvement in run time. I haven't tried overclocking.

mmonnin wrote:
I run my 580 in Win 7 with 2x tasks at once. 3x ends up making the run times sky rocket for E@H and other projects as well. That has been reported here a long time ago.

I had poked around in the Community posts, but clearly need to sharpen by search skills. Is there a page that lists E@H search operators and syntax? The simple searches I've done come up with a lot of irrelevant hits and my eyes go square.

Gary Roberts wrote:
I'd be trying to get 18.5.1 for Win10 or at least looking for something newer again where hopefully the regression (if that's what it is) has been fixed.

Will do!



I think this is the reference I was thinking about. No fault in missing the thread.

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Thanks for hunting down that

Thanks for hunting down that previous post. It turns out that I actually was familiar with it; it is the same thread that Gary referenced in his earlier reply. It seems to be a tricky business finding the right drivers and keeping them up to date (or not).

Ideas are not fixed, nor should they be; we live in model-dependent reality.

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