GNU/Linux S5R3 App 4.31 available for Beta test

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RE: I've looked into some

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I've looked into some results with this error, and without doing a real statistical analysis, it "feels" as if Gentoo Linux runs a higher risk to encounter this problem, here are just a few hosts:


Some Coppermines, but also some AMD CPUs among those hosts.

Gentoo isn't that widespread anymore, is it? Ubuntu, Redhat and Suse must be far more popular.

Thanks for the links.

I redraw the environment which has led to errors:

linux compiled with gcc 3.x (unknown libc version)
a failing-to-start boinc ubuntu 2.10.28 binary
a working boinc 5.8.16 binary without cleaning previous BOINC/ dir
a working 2.10.28 binary without removing previous BOINC/ dir

It appears that the BOINC directory contained mixed stuff, also, that einstein (even under 2.10.28) crashed more than once after the log-message Deferring communication for 1 min 0 sec.

I have now done following steps:

1. updated libc to 2.6.1 with gcc 3.x
2. updated gcc to 4.1.2
3. recompiled linux with -mfpmath=sse -mieee-fp
4. recompiled libc with -mfpmath=sse -mieee-fp
5. cleaned contents of BOINC/ dir except project directories (only the einstein project has been cleaned except 4.35 binaries)
6. reinstalled boinc ubuntu 5.10.28 binary which started up this time

(this also means that the host got a new ID, its tasks can be viewed under 1120996)

EDIT: the issues remain: see result 92724437

Bernd Machenschalk
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The 4.31 App has become part

The 4.31 App has become part of the new 4.38 beta App package.



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