GNU/Linux S5R3 App 4.20 available for Beta test

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RE: I don't think date or

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I don't think date or time changes have any influence to boinc or the science apps.

They do. The time when the next "heartbeat" from the Core Client is expected by the App is determined by the system time. This e.g. leads to more frequent App restarts due to "no heartbeat" on systems that "stretch" local time for synchronizing to an external time server. With Linux Apps prior to 4.24 this actually led to a segfault (signal 11).



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I am using BOINC 5.10.21 on

I am using BOINC 5.10.21 on SuSE Linux 10.1 in Einstein, SETI and QMC. I am doing a very heavy QMC high priority run. In stderr.txt i have found three lines such as:
No heartbeat from core client for 31 sec - exiting

The calculation is going on but the same WU was aborted with "client error" on a Windows box.

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