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RE: Hi again,

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Hi again, Stick:

Everything's running well now. Finished the first work unit well before deadline.

When I mentioned SETI@home in my previous message, I should have specified SETI CLASSIC - so there was no resource share happening within BOINC - that's why I didn't understand John McLeod VII.

But now I have added BOINC SETI just to make life interesting! Got the resource sharing working well - even with SETI CLASSIC. So Jim's caution seems unwarranted - but we'll see - working on the first work units while running both EINSTEIN & SETI - but looks good - 16% done on each after 2 days - deadline in another week & a half.

For others who are running both SETIs see the comments on the SETI@home Questions & Answers board : Getting started : Transition from Old Seti Version 3.08.


Glad to hear your Einstein processing is going well! And, thank you for the info regarding Seti Classic and BOINC. I hope you will keep reading these boards and posting occasionally. You are not only knowledgeable; but, your posts are well written and easy to understand. In other words, you could be of help here.


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