Fundamental discovery made by GEO600

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RE: The press release you

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The press release you can find on the homepage of GEO600:
in English
in German

A discussion in German:

Is there anybody who can describe what a holographic universe means?

Click the New Scientist article at the end of the English text.

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Disclamer: I am only a

Disclamer: I am only a physicist to the extent that reading Scientific American and watching NOVA allows me to fake it.

OK, Before I noticed this thread I had heard about this holographic universe thing on the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe Podcast dated 21 Jan 2009. They spend a fairly large amount of time on the subject. It starts about two and a half minutes into the show and ends about 15 minutes later. They seem to go over the subject in somewhat more depth than the two articles that I noticed linked to from this thread.

They make one new comment that seemed important to me. Would anyone want to respond to the following transcribed podcast comment. We may never see gravity waves since the resolution of the universe is too coarse. Some people might feel such a suggestion is depressing for an Einstein@home cruncher, but I joined the project because even a negative result has significance.

The Holographic Universe segment is in the first 20 minutes.

Podcast 183 - January 21, 2009

Interview with Alice Tuff
News Items: The Holographic Universe, Science Education in Texas and Louisiana
Your Questions and E-mails: Pheromones, Dyslexia
Randi Speaks: Not in a Name
Science or Fiction
Who's That Noisy

mp3 28 MB time 1:20 hrs : min
The Holographic Universe segment is in the first 20 minutes


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Researchers could herald a

Researchers could herald a new era in fundamental physics---->

February 3rd, 2009 in Physics / Physics

Cardiff University researchers who are part of a British-German team searching the depths of space to study gravitational waves, may have stumbled on one of the most important discoveries in physics according to an American physicist.

Craig Hogan, a physicist at Fermilab Centre for Particle Astrophysics in Illinois is convinced that he has found proof in the data of the gravitational wave detector GEO600 of a holographic Universe - and that his ideas could explain mysterious noise in the detector data that has not been explained so far.....[/extract]

Source: Cardiff University

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