Is E@H selecting the "reached daily quota of ??? tasks"?

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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Generally there is no need to

Generally there is no need to overclock the Nvidia cards with the Nvidia X Server Settings graphics clock.  The algorithm in the card's firmware will automatically overclock the graphics clocks based on thermal and power loading.  Nvidia calls it GPU Boost 3.0.

The memory can be overclocked however to compensate for the detected compute load downclocking that Nvidia imposes on their consumer cards.


Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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George wrote:Thank you for

George wrote:
Thank you for your advice, and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes after a few days.

You're most welcome!  I'm glad you seem to have identified the issue.  Congratulations on sorting it out!

I had a look at your current tasks and the very recent ones seem to be validating nicely.  There hasn't been a GW GPU compute error for around 26 hours now.  You had a big bunch of very short error times that were all reported at that time (26 hours ago) and no further errors since.  So it really does look like you have it all sorted!


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