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It has been a long time since I have updated the site. The site is still a little 'funky' from the change my provider made to the PHP engine, if there is a page that does not work, let me know by e-mail and I will get back and fix it for you.

*** Major change ***I am going to be making a major change to the site in about a week. All of the error messages that were in the FAQ are now available in the Wiki (actually I have a *LOT* more messages documented in the Wiki, and most of the messages now have at least one example for a log file); so, I am going to turn off that part of the FAQ in one week. I think I can re-route the major routes in to ease the troubles.Also, some of the other parts of the FAQ will be turned off. I have most of the FAQ over in the Wiki also, so, be prepared.

As I reach other major milestones I will be turning off selected parts of the system one by one. For example, now when you look-up a word in the old site, it *SHOULD* take you to the Wiki Glossary for that term.