Do you suddenly start experiencing HD corruption?

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Remember that rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix (eg. change) it"?

Thereby hangs yet another tale.


I am running 3 MSI X570-A Pro motherboards.

Two were running Linux 20 just fine.  Both were running NVIDIA gpus.

The third one was running Linux 18.x in a dual boot situation with Linux 20 where it was not running "just fine" when I tried to install Linux 20.

I upgraded the Bios for this make/model of MB to the very latest.  Nvidia gpu systems were running just fine.

On Saturday I started the process of upgrading the 3rd MSI X570-A to Linux 20.

Everything goes fine until I install the AMD GPU drivers.

Then I get repeated file system corruption and crashing boots.

So firmly convinced that Linux 20 doesn't like that system I try installing Linux 18 which has been robust and reliable.

Whereupon I get the exact same file system corruption errors.

Then I remember experiencing similar symptoms with an MSI X470 MB (it looked as if a previously functional HD was dieing/dead).  And I had updated to the latest MB bios on it too.

So when I back-flashed the MSI X570-A Pro bios to one dated in January 2020 which is multiple versions older than the current release?

Everything is working "fine".  I wasted hours on Saturday fighting a bios error.


The moral of the story is only people who are buying a 4th generation Amd cpu are likely to NEED to update their Motherboard bios.  Everyone else should stand pat.

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