date/time in task

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I noticed that the date and time are now shown in the Einstein tasks. Its probably been there a while but I haven't noticed :)

The BOINC client is moving to displaying elapsed time instead of cpu time (under 6.6.17) so if the wu output also displayed the elapsed time it could be useful.

This is what is currently shown in a wu:


2009-03-23 07:34:14.7031 [normal]: This program is published under the GNU General Public License, version 2
2009-03-23 07:34:14.7031 [normal]: For details see
2009-03-23 07:34:14.7031 [normal]: This Einstein@home App was built at: Jan 6 2009 19:29:14

Writing output ...
FPU status flags: COND_2 PRECISION
2009-03-23 13:22:49.1718 [normal]: done. calling boinc_finish(0).
called boinc_finish