Custom apps for Einstein@Home

Mahoujin Tsukai
Mahoujin Tsukai
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SETI@Home allows the use of custom apps that greatly speed up the crunching process. Do any custom apps exist for Einstein@Home?

It would be great if they could be downloaded and installed because the workunits on Einstein@Home are very long.

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Custom apps for Einstein@Home

Do any custom apps exist for Einstein@Home?

The Seti science app is open source. The EAH app is closed source. So the answer is ... Well, yes and no! :).

In the past, the EAH app has been optimised by reverse engineering the executable. At some point in the future when the current (and quite different) app stabilises, it will be optimised with the assistance of the person who did the reverse engineering of the previous app. The likely optimisations have already been tested "in house" and are known to work - so, yes they exist, but there are still bugs in the app that need to be found and fixed before optimisation can be applied - so, no you can't have 'em yet :).


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