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Hi Joseph, Perhaps you can

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Hi Joseph,

Perhaps you can help me. I’m trying to run ThreadMaster to limit the amount of CPU Einstein can use, but no luck. I installed ThreadMaster and edited the registry settings as per the “Readme” instructions to limit the “boinc_bui.exe” application to 30%, however the app still runs at 100%.

Any tips or suggestions?

I’m running Windows XP Home Edition.


Looking at the docs for threadmaster, I think you should have added einstein_4.79_windows_intel86.exe instead of boinc_bui.exe.


Thanks for the advice.

After I posted my e/mail I upgraded from V4.19 to V4.43 and during the installation I realized my mistake and changed the app to einstein_4.79... ThreadMaster is working fine now.


BOINC_gui.exe and BOINC.exe do very little real work. It is the project applications that do the real work and take up all of the CPU time.

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