Checkpoint errors, FGRP4 app version 1.14

Bernd Machenschalk
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We do observe occasional "checkpoint checksum" errors where we suspect these originating from an old checkpoint file left over in a slot directory from the previous task that ran in that slot, or when a checkpoint file can be opened but is empty when reading it (it is probably being deleted while reading).

These errors occur most prominently in the Gamma-Ray search, but occasionally with other applications as well.

To avoid these errors we are currently transitioning from a generic checkpoint name (e.g. "status.cpt") to a name that is unique for each task. For the Gravitational Wave and Radio Pulsar searches / applications this should already be the case for newly generated workunits & tasks.

For the Gamma-Ray Pulsar search, however, this requires an update of the application. The new app version is 1.14 and currently being deployed. As usual, you shouldn't notice any difference to the previous version 1.06.

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