BRP CUDA set to .33 but not working!

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RE: RE: Setting it to .1


Setting it to .1 or .5 of a CPU means nothing. Its only an estimate so BOINC can schedule tasks. It will actually use whatever % of CPU time it wants regardless of the setting.

If you had 5 tasks running and the estimate was .2 then BOINC needs to commit a whole CPU core, in which case it would reduce the number of CPU tasks. Depending on your BOINC version it will allow a certain amount of over-committing of the CPU.

In the case of Seti their app has been more optimized which is why it has a lower CPU estimate. If you look at your results and compare the Seti CPU time with Einstein CPU time you will see Seti uses much less, especially if you are using the x41g or x41z optimized apps.

ok so the application is auto set, 8 cores using 0.2 of each cpu and 6 cuda cores or gpu's running at 0.33 for a total of 14 wu's at a time. I can live with that. If I change Einstein@home to 0.5 gpu's than I believe that will effect Seti@home as well making it also run 0.5 gpu's. I'll have to watch that to see what happens latter when I change things up. It would be nice to run Seti@Home on one computer and Einstein@Home on an other computer with out having to set up 2 accounts to run then independently. Just thinking out loud!


If you wanted one computer to run Einstein then only attach to that project, or set SETI to no new task. You can use the same email address to register at different projects, that way your stats will be combined by the stats sites.

The way SETI is so network maxed-out you would want a backup project on that machine. Hopefully they will roll-out the v7 app soon which should increase processing time and therefore reduce the requests for work.

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sounds good. looking forward

sounds good. looking forward to v7.

again thanks,

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