BoincSpy 2.5.0 now available.

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Whats New:

  • * No longer uses the GAC to store the assemblies. Read the readme.txt or

Release Notes for detailed changes.

* Changed the directory structure support .dlls.
* As a result of this change all executables are now in the \bin directory. If you have debugging enabled all logs will be in the \log directory.
* Single executalbles for Windows and Mono platforms. ( Exception is the BoincSpy.Farm executables ).
* BoincSpy Viewer will ( depending if the project supports this ) display the upload/download server status of the project.
* BoincSpy Viewer will display user a friendly name of the application.
* Constellation mapping is working again, using wikipedia as a source reference.
* BoincSpy applications requires BOINC 6.10.56 or greater to run.

Bug Fixes:

  • * None

As usual it can be found