BoincSpy 2.0 (BETA) now available.

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  • * Support for BOINC 6.3.x
    * Add Web proxy code to allow BoincSpy to check for latest updates.
    * BoincSpyAgent supports running under Mono. See mono_setup under the \BoincSpy\DbAgent directory
    * Added support to view Astropulses on the SkyMap.
    * For Seti@Home workunits increase the display to view drift rates between -100 and 100.
    * Major re-work in SkyMap. Is zooming not too far off?
    * Show information on Arecibo's antennas that are being used for AP and Seti workunits.
    * Still a Beta version of BoincSpy.Viewer application(s).
    * Allows users to view information on BOINC from different computers.See \BoincSpy\Farm\BoincSpy.Farm_setup.htm to configure and install.

BoincSpy can be located at