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RE: The only time I got

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The only time I got grumpy was when one of THEM ... took out some of my humor.

yeah - I am astonished that after seeing some of my humour here you still want me on the wiki ;-)

but that comment also reminds me of something that gets me grumpy: when correcting typos please don't Americanise my spelling: I speak with a Brit accent and I prefer to be allowed to write with one too! Likewise, when I quote you I will keep your accent intact. None of the folowing are typos:

humour, colour, dialling, travelling, tyre, centre, plough

program (something that runs on a computer)
programme (a plan for humans to follow)

meter (thing with a dial)
metre (~3.25 ft)

Certainly doesn't mean I'll be correcting your spelling either - or not unless I am sure it is not a recognised spelling in your part of the world.


Paul D. Buck
Paul D. Buck
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If my spell checker does not

If my spell checker does not BARF on it, not a problem ... :)

I use firefox to do most my work now and there is a nice spell checker that does a decent job, so, I am trying to check spelling before I save to get rid of the obvious ones.


I HAD left your name out of it ... and I was only a little grumpy...

But, that is what I mean, we do what we can, if it HAD been that important I would have put it back in...

But right now, I am more interested in trying to get as much of the content over as I can as fast as I can ... and with luck, the second part will be completely over by the end of the week (not a promise, but I am GONNA TRY).

Anyway, I put up a message about it ... I also did a thing so that look ups of words in the old site goto the Wiki now too ...

I changed the size of the text, I don't think anyone is going to like it much though.

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