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[BOINCstats] Willy
[BOINCstats] Willy
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I added a new section to the

I added a new section to the BOINCstats forum here, where I answer (most of) your questions.

Thanks for your input.

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RE: I added a new section

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I added a new section to the BOINCstats forum here

Cool! And I like the 'New Here?' link (on the home page).

One minor point to make it even more accessible to total novices.

The question about adding a signature graphic (here). I'd spot it as being what I wanted to know, some users wouldn't. Think of someone who just got their first computer for their birthday, gets it up and running, and wants to run seti cos their mates do. They don't yet know what a 'sig' is, nor really why we call it a 'graphic'. They want to reply to their mates posting in the cafe, and their mate has stats in the signature so naturally they want to do the same. They can type and mouse but not much more.

My suggestion as the title for that thread (or for a thread that cross-links to it) would be 'How do I show my stats in my postings?' or similar. That way the user does not have to be part way to the answer in order to find the right link.


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sig test.

sig test.

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