Black Hole Harmonics

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Here is a link to a 15 min video which does a very nice job of explaining the possible use of the harmonics in the 'ring down' phase immediately after a BH-BH merger event in determining the properties of mass and spin of the resulting single black hole.  The video is based on two recent papers which analysed the ring down of the very first merger event (GW150914) detected in 2015.  It's well worth a look if you'd like to keep up with how GW astronomy is developing.

The presenter, Matt O'Dowd, is an Australian who originally studied Physics at the University of Melbourne and now does teaching and research at a University in New York, as well as doing lots of decent videos like this one.  Check out the PBS Space Time channel - there's lots of interesting videos about the science behind astronomy, cosmology, quantum mechanics, relativity, etc.