Badly optimized Mac PPC app?

Martin P.
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With S5R4 we are back again

With S5R4 we are back again at the same problem: 62,000 seconds for just 220 credits!

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And unless I have missed

And unless I have missed something the optimized apps page has little on it to play with. :(

As of this posts date.

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Few points here: 1.) The

Few points here:

1.) The current R4 apps offer the best performance which was available in the Beta/Power app series for R3 by default for all platforms.

2.) The 'difficulty' factor for R4 is higher than for R3. IOW, they take longer to run than before.

3.) Due to the Beta/Power apps becoming the stock ones and other factors, there was a downward credit basis adjustment for EAH for R4 (CPP rearing it's head again).

So for better or worse, that's just the way things are in a nutshell.

FWIW, for my hosts which can take advantage of of SIMD, their current rates are no worse than they were on R3 running stock. In fact, they might be a smidgen better, but that could just be due to the templates they are currently running.


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Gary Roberts
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RE: And unless I have

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And unless I have missed something the optimized apps page has little on it to play with.

I think you may have missed the fact that the new science run S5R4 has now started. The beta test apps from S5R3 have essentially become the stock apps for S5R4.

Unless somebody comes up with some additional strategies for further optimisation beyond what we currently have in the S5R4 stock apps, it is unlikely that there will be new beta test apps for probably quite a while.

The only glimmer of hope for a faster app is for the Windows users who should be brought into line with the Linux users reasonably soon. There may be a beta test program for that app when it sees the light of day.


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