ATI 7970 and Intel GPU = bad performance

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A simple driver crash will

A simple driver crash will cause your GPU timing issues....


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RE: These should be 700MHz

These should be 700MHz and 4,700MHz.

Hi Arvid,

It's an old thread, but those clocks are a bit off, unless you heavily undervolt the card. The stock GPU clock of an HD7970 is 925 MHz and memory clock 1375 or 5500 MHz, depending on how you acount for the DDR.

At stock voltage the chip should do ~1.10 GHz, give or take 100 MHz depending on chip quality. If you "only" run at 925 MHz chances are you can significantly lower the voltage to run it more energy efficient. At 700 MHz you should be able to run it at absolute minimum voltage (about 0.85 V).

Increasing the memory clock from 4700 to 5500 MHz won't cost much enrgy but might help Einstein, since it generally loves memory bandwidth.


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