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RE: RE: BTW do we have


BTW do we have a list of BB tags that work on this site?


upper left of the post window under "message", if i recall right some one had to point it out to me as well :)

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I have a bully FX-8120; its

I have a bully FX-8120; its stock speed is 3.1GHz but owing to the fact that the multiplier is unlocked, running on a high quality Gigabyte board, I overclocked it to a whooping 4.0 GHz. It runs pretty well, but I'm kind of underwhelmed with its performance. I'll switch to Win7 soon, so maybe new windows will schedule tasks better than old XP did.

One thing that bugs me is HEAT. My god, this is the hottest running CPU i've ever had, Intel prescott is nothing compared to this one. I bought the biggest goddamned heatsink I could lay my hands on, and it still runs uncomfortably hot. Since I've got two GPUs, TV tuner and an additional ethernet card, all of this produces a LOT of heat and I have to keep my computer case open, which is someting I don't really like but it's not like a have a choice.

Here is the computer I've talked about:

Andrej from Croatia.

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Sounds like the motherboard

Sounds like the motherboard upped the CPU voltage for your overclock. That's where the heat comes from. Try the following:

- read out your current voltage at 4.0 GHz
- fix your clock at 4.0 GHz (Turbo off) & set that voltage manually - if you've got it right it should still work as before
- lower the CPU voltage in small steps, test stability (e.g. Orthos or Intel burn in tool)
- once you found the point where it becomes unstable, increase the voltage two notches again (you'd want some safety margin)
- if power consumption & heat are low enough now - done
- otherwise: lower the clock 1 or 2 multiplier steps and lower the voltage again

@Performance: forget this "8 cores" marketing BS for BOINC (and fp workloads). Consider it a 4 core CPU with the other 4 cores provided as a bonus. Then performance isn't bad at all. You should also be able to imcrease it by running a project mix.


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