Apology for non-graceful degradation

Bill Clelland
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It's a long story, but.. I have a main computer in one part of a 2,100 sq.ft. house, new preowned computer in opposite end. My boinc project was started on the main one in October, but I could not give it enough attention and also the modem connect status was being turned on (but not off) by McAfee virus-checking at its preference and ..etc.
I killed the boinc action on that machine and am reinstalling the boinc on the new (DELL off-lease) machine; I hope I did not cause excessive consternation at the control center when I killed the data downloads and so on.
You can get my professional profile, résumé, etc. at my site www.wrclellandjr.com . Please get acquainted. By the way, I am eighty (80) years old and have been writing software for fifty-two (52) years.
Thank you for your attention.
Bill C