Android version won't join on older phone?

Mr P Hucker
Mr P Hucker
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I have two Android phones, one is Android 7, one is Android 6. The Android 7 phone joined 10 projects, including Einstein, and runs them all fine. The Android 6 phone had trouble finding any projects at all, and eventually I got 6 attached from the master list within the standard Boinc client (same version on both phones - 7.4.53). The other 4 (Universe, World Community Grid, Enigma, and Einstein) do not appear in the list to join, and if I try to join by URL, nothing happens. No failure notice, nothing, it just doesn't add the project. Any ideas?

If this page takes an hour to load, reduce posts per page to 20 in your settings, then the tinpot 486 Einstein uses can handle it.