Amd WX pro cards and compute optimization?

Peter van Kalleveen
Peter van Kalleveen
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Hey guys,

I was looking at the AMD WX pro line of cards, one slot and half high and low tdp.

The pure number crunching performance will suffer a bit because of the form factor but there perfect for a SFF, low power & 24/7 calculator box.

Do any of you have experience if the 'pro' drivers with their option for compute optimized mode have any effect on the performance for Einstein?

Don't get me wrong, i'm not expecting miracles but when looking at raw flops of consumer cards and the amount of work it does I have a feeling there is a decent amount of waisted headroom that could partially be recoverd with compute orientated drivers


I have bought one very cheap wx second hand so I am waiting for it to arrive in a week or so.