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RE: Well now i am crunching

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Well now i am crunching with Samsung i5 laptop, with Geforce GPU.. and i have to say: Prosessor is quite good, but GForce GPU cant do Collaz at all it seems.

No matter, quite strong regular work done. And i gave my old Acer to my best friend, i could have keeped it and got 10 - 20k credit from collaz, but that is not important. More important is my friends, it seems that i5 crunches happily normal tasks, i got now 1k credit income from einsten compared to 200 - 400.

Your Geforce 330M is working just fine with the BRP3 CUDA tasks, tho. Collatz needs double precision? Anyway I have a similar Samsung notebook and I'm pretty impressed by the "performance per watt" ratio of the Geforce 330M in combination with the i5.


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RE: Collatz needs double

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Collatz needs double precision?

No Collatz does NOT need double precision gpu's.

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