AMD 4850e as cruncher

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RE: RE: My data is

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My data is obviously "rusty", considering it is based on Socket 939, but typically AMD provided higher end coolers on the Opteron line than they did on the consumer-based products, even the X2. The FX line might've had a decent cooler. Not sure...

Higher end 939 x2's had a big copper HSF with heat pipes instead of the puny alluminum lump.

Same with the higher end AM2's.

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RE: Hi all! I wanted to


Hi all!

I wanted to replace a legacy AMD Athlon XP with something more recent from AMD, not too power hungry and for a limited budget. So I got an AMD Athlon X2 4850e, which is based on the "Brisbane" 65nm (dual)core, runs at 2.5 GHz and has a TDP of 45 W.

Now, what makes me wonder is the core voltage. It is spec'ed as "1.15 / 1.2 / 1.25 V" (yes, three voltages). Those do not describe the Cool'n'Quiet voltage range, tho, as the minimum voltage at lower clock speeds can be as low as 1V . So....why three voltages?

In one forum I read this is "minimum, typical, and maximum voltage", but .... which one should be selected in BIOS? And for which one is the TDP of 45 W valid?

Needless to say I'm now trying the lowest of the three settings, 1.15V, seems to work fine so far.

(As for crunching...well, as expected, this K8 era chip won't come anywhere near a Core2Duo, but the 4850e is quite cheap and the power consumption is reasonable for its performance. )


This voltage range gives AMD a little headroom to ship the same processor brand with different default voltages during the complete lifetime of the chip. AMD could now use better or not so good dices for the processor, depending on the quality of manufactoring output, manufactoring improvements and customer demands.

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