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archae86 wrote:...But

archae86 wrote:

...But compared to pulling the Radeon VII out altogether, which I thought moderately likely, this operating point looks attractive.

I should explain that I'm not interested in reverting to a previous Windows version.  I lack experience in that particular operation, and this is my primary personal use machine--not something sitting on a shelf with no use save Einstein.  Also, I want to run with all current patches and protections.

Lol, With all that extra graphics power, you could take up video gaming, like Forza Motorsport 7, Wolfenstein II, Just Cause 4, or Assassin's Creed: Origin.  Be sure to post us when you level up! ;)

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Maybe interesting to some;I

Maybe interesting to some;

 I have watercooling on my radeon vii, and card is undervolted overclocked.

 I'm getting stable 227-228 sec per wu

 This is typical load on the GPU (note: max is when i was playing bdo)



Here are my oc adventures before i applied waterblock

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Just want to share that XFX

Just want to share that XFX Radeon VII is on sale on Newegg for $569.99 which I believe is the lowest price by far.

 I surmise Radeon VII will still be the most efficient card for Einstein@home in a year.

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