All Sky WU crashing on 1050ti GPU

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Nuadormrac wrote: OK, it

Nuadormrac wrote:

OK, it seems that unticking allsky and leaving the other WUs available still results in me getting allsky units even when "allowdownload of non-selected WUs is unticked also.  If I can't prevent it from giving me these WUs that won't work on my gfx.  Perhaps a setting to prevent the sending of these units when the gfx has insufficient VRAM would help alleviate this,, as perhaps part of error handling in the scheduling software.  Otherwise people could end up inadvertently going through a lot of units they can't crunch before they ccheck; especially when they were successfully computing before this issue is discovered by the cruncher.

Make sure you are making the changes in the same venue ie, default, home, work or school that the pc is in.

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