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RE: It's only a handful of

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It's only a handful of people working for the project. They are busy trying to comb through the database (read Bernard's message). I hope they back all that credit out, and prove to those who are using it, that it's bad.

Honestly, they shouldn't need to do it manually. Akos's apps brand the result text, anyone with a decent ammount of database experiance should be able to write a script/aplet to search the entire DB, identify, and purge every one of the akos results. If noone on the project has the skills to do that, hiring a few hours of time from a CS student taking summer classes shouldn't be that expensive, and shouldn't require more effort than contacting someone in the CS dept to find a student looking for parttime work.

IF the MySql DB is the bottleneck in backend performance, finding someone to modify the system to use MsSql or Oracle could be done the same way. A second highend box to split the database load across might be cheaper than the commerical DB software though.

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RE: IF the MySql DB is the

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IF the MySql DB is the bottleneck in backend performance...

That seems to be the case, see http://einsteinathome.org/goto/comment/40796

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