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After, the minute I connected to the WWW, had BOINC (64BIT)6.10.58, installed and the latest app.'s, I received [i] a boat load of AREICHIBO' and ' Globals' before the previous outage. And was with a GTX9800+ and 8500GT.
Switched these for a GTX470, Windows would not even start with the 9800GTX+, inplace? So I removed it, for the moment.

Have UPgraded to driver 256.38 (not exactly sure) and CUDA 3.1, not much of a speedup, though.
Also running 2 MB at a time, on a GTX470(CPU=QX9650;3250MHz;;1T 800MHz, FSB:DRAM=5:6)
It should be possible to run multiple, 2 or more WU's run together. It works in all other projects, depending of the card, FERMI is a must, but also the application, ofcoarse.

Hi Fred,

I'm not shure that I understood it right: are you running E@H on your Fermi-card? I'm interested in that, because in late september I plan to replace my GTX260 with an GTX460 and I'm checking now, which apps are working on Fermi and which don't.



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