20 x 10^12 FP Ops per WU is many too few, methinks...

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Each Einstein WU is currently shipping with an 'estimated' number of WUS of 20 x 10^12.

I believe this is a holdover from back when Einstein was in beta testing and they were shipping WUs with less data to process.

Seti, for example, estimates their WUs at 27.9 x 10^12. These numbers really only are an attempt to get the [estimated completion time] column on BOINC to be something close to real. (in actuality the Seti WUs real FP ops are closer to 5x10^12)

They are also used by the servers when deciding how many WUs to send to a host when it requests xxxxx seconds of work.

(I could say Trillion, but that would start another argrument ;)