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HD7950 Linux: 3x4500 sec, 2x3400 sec
10th June 2012
I have noticed significant speed decrease as well. this WU took 51ksec in comparison with 28k-30ksec needed for 4.27...
10th February 2008
I recommend distro openSuSE 10.3 which is stable (although newly released), easy to maintain and contains plenty of good...
6th November 2007
App 4.14 works well for me. Switch from 4.12 has been smooth, results are being validated, crunching times are faster by...
22nd October 2007
4.09 works well on my AMD X2 3800+, crunching times dropped from cca 23.5 to 16 hours Nice improvement! H99
10th October 2007