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Thanks for all of the updates.  Merry Christmas everyone!   Sorry to message you by mistake, Bernd. Cheers!
18th December 2023
I've noticed the uptick in invalid results as well with amdgpus.  BRP7.
18th November 2023
I was doing this with my amd cpu (and amdgpu PCI) to keep it from trying to run jobs on the ryzan cpu.  The PCI gpu has...
28th July 2023
Wow, thanks for that Walton748.  I followed that thread and was looking for that missing sse message, but I didn't read...
12th July 2023
Seems like there is still a little work left for linux CPU -  hsgamma_FGRP5.  Status page shows ~4613 w/u available this...
9th July 2023