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Quote:Quote:Quote: That is my problem. The credit for the WUs on my AMD x2 3800+ has not changed but the time...
9th September 2007
Richard M commented on Milestones II
Well, it's taken some time (two years-nine months) but I've finally reached the two million mark here at Einstein.
27th August 2007
If I'm not mistaken I believe Win2K PRO will only support 2 CPU's. I think you'll have to upgrade to XP to get Quad...
9th February 2007
Richard M commented on Milestones II
500K for host #1409. :) TTYL Richard
27th December 2006
Richard M commented on Ready to Report
Open BOINC Manager, open "Projects" tab, highlite Einstein@Home and click on the "Update" button in the the Commands...
22nd December 2006