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Stefan Ledwina commented on CUDA
Quote:Hi, it's my first post! in last day, i'm read of boinc with "cuda device" support, and I wanted to try... (my...
6th January 2009
LoL I completely forgot about that, until you told me... ;) No thanks, there´s no need to change anything!
29th February 2008
Hey Raven! Could you add me too please? 48°12'14,28'' N 16°19'33,63'' E (Vienna, Austria) Thanks!
24th February 2008
Any news on a Einstein app that makes use of the SPEs too? PS3GRID often had no work in the last months and I would really...
23rd February 2008 ein gemütliches Team mit charmanter Rechenleistung würde 2005 gegründet, ist ein stetig wachsendes...
3rd January 2008