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Vega 64 and RX70 seem to be crunching Ok at x4 wu at once but Radeon VII does not, GPU doesn't get loaded even with 6 wus,...
24th November 2019
AMD OpenCL driver for Navi 10 is not working, It can't be used for crunching in any BOINC project while AMD does not solve...
10th August 2019
Trotador commented on Cheap used 1070s
My experience is much more positive, no GPU has failed early on me because of crunching, it includes X1950, 2xGt8800, 3xGTX...
16th December 2018
Trotador commented on MD5 check failed
I've also got this error on a new installation.
30th September 2018
17th July 2018