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My PII Deschutes has crunched

My PII Deschutes has crunched 40% of a 0529 WU in 80 hours (five days, since it is also crunching SETI one third of the time). The deadline is September 21, and it should easily meet it. Instead, SETI's deadlines are ridiculously long. My latest is November 1. The SETI WUs take about 4O hours of CPU time with an app optimized for MMX instructions, no graphics.

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Yeah, I think that's rather

Yeah, I think that's rather normal for SETI. I haven't done SETI for ages but back when I did (at least a year ago) the deadlines already seemed long to me. And I didn't even use optimized apps. But I don't feel like attaching the old box to SETI, firstly because my Dad doesn't like it and secondly because it has only 256KB of L2 cache and I remember that cache matters a lot with SETI.

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