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How do I close my account?

Gary Roberts
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Do you wish to finish off work in progress before detaching? You have one result which you have quite recently downloaded which shouldn't take all that long to finish.

If you do wish to finish it first you could:-

  • *Navigate to the projects tab in BOINC Manager and select the EAH project
    *Click on the "No new tasks" button to prevent further downloads
    *Select and temporarily suspend other projects (if any) if you wish EAH to finish quickly
    *As soon as the EAH result finishes, resume any suspended projects
    *Select the EAH project and click "Update" to report the uploaded result manually
    *When the result has reported, select EAH and click the "Detach" button

You would then be completely detached from the EAH project. If EAH was your only project you could uninstall BOINC from your computer if you wished. Of course you wouldn't do that if you had other active projects.

This doesn't fully close your account and remove all traces of you being here. I don't know that you can actually do that. However your account will be quite dormant and you can leave it that way without any worries. In a week or three the result will be removed from the database and after a month your computer will not be seen on the standard web page unless you click the option to show old computers. In the future you could reactivate the account if you ever wanted to change your mind.


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