64 bit application, is it needed?

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RE: This stack forced the

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This stack forced the two operands to be on its top for anything to use it.

Only one of the two operands needs to be at the top of the stack, the other one can be elsewhere. And the result is either on top of the stack or at the location of the second operand if that second one is somewhere on the stack.

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RE: You mix up a few

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You mix up a few things. First of all you mix up the instruction set with some very operating system specific interface. An interface between whatever system parts and the application.

There might be a small slowdown when a 32 bit application changes its focus from 32-bit User space to 64 bit OS space. Okay. But how often is a system call done in some application? Maybe this is a slowdown by less than 1%.

And then you mention that Titanium chip. Forget it, we are talking about x86 / x86_64.

For myself, look here http://einsteinathome.org/node/189692
a 64 bit 2.6 kernel with gentoo linux was close to 10% faster that a 32 bit 2.4 kernel with SLES2. No idea and even no interest (sorry) if this applies to microsft or not. For Linux I got an increase of speed.

I got that directly from microsoft. In that MS said "for example", I am asuming when they say that, that MS is meaning its one example of what WOW64 does. I don't know what else it is doing, but something slows einstein down.

I also got the Itanium chip directly from microsoft. I am pretty sure that intel calls its 64-bit chip itanium.

Yea, I guess (I don't anything about boinc on linux) linux does not have to emulate einstein, and it would be 10% faster like you said. But according to boincstats.com 136,901 hosts running xp and 12,873 running linux, so i think WOW64 would concern more people, and thats just xp.

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