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Project daemons

Program HostStatus
DB purgereinstein4Running
Scheduler log publishereinstein10Running
file upload handler mediumeinstein4Running
file upload handler largeeinstein4Running
file upload handler mediumeinstein5Running
file upload handler largeeinstein5Running
FGRP5 work generatoreinstein4Not Running
FGRP5 validatoreinstein4Running
FGRP5 assimilatoreinstein4Running
FGRP5 file deletereinstein4Running
FGRPB1G work generatoreinstein4Running
FGRPB1G validatoreinstein4Running
FGRPB1G assimilatoreinstein4Running
FGRPB1G file deletereinstein4Running
BRP4 work generatoreinstein4Not Running
BRP4 validatoreinstein4Running
BRP4 assimilatoreinstein4Running
BRP4 file deletereinstein4Running
BRP4 e1 file deletereinstein4Running
BRP4 e6 file deletereinstein4Running
BRP4G work generator e1einstein4Not Running
BRP4G work generatoreinstein4Running
BRP4G validatoreinstein4Running
BRP4G assimilatoreinstein4Running
BRP4G file deletereinstein4Running
BRP4G e1 file deletereinstein4Running
BRP4G e6 file deletereinstein4Running
O2MD1V1 work generatoreinstein4Running
O2MDFG2e work generatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G validatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G0 assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G1 assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G2 validatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G2l validatoreinstein4Running
O2MDFG2 validatoreinstein4Running
O2MDFV2X validatoreinstein5Running
O2MDFV2 validatoreinstein5Running
O2MDFG2eX validatoreinstein5Running
O2MDFG2e validatoreinstein5Running
O2MD1V1 validatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1V1a validatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G2 assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1G2l assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MDFG2 assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MDFV2X assimilatoreinstein5Running
O2MDFV2 assimilatoreinstein5Running
O2MDFG2eX assimilatoreinstein5Running
O2MDFG2e assimilatoreinstein5Running
O2MD1V1 assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1V1a assimilatoreinstein4Running
O2MD1 file deletereinstein4Running
O2MDF file deletereinstein4Running
O2MDF file deletereinstein5Running
O1OD1I1 work generatoreinstein4Disabled
O1OD1I1 validatoreinstein4Running
Running: Program is operating normally
Not Running: Program failed or ran out of work
(or the project is down)
Disabled: Program has been disabled by staff
(for debugging/maintenance)

Workunits and tasks

Tasks total 1,025,522 851,209 403,982 255,707 196,951 2,733,371
Tasks to send 37,966 4,131 4,454 5,215 7,982 59,748
Tasks in progress 186,420 194,221 91,568 85,424 48,477 606,110
Tasks valid 551,289 474,762 271,647 124,743 95,440 1,517,881
Tasks invalid 2,202 9,963 288 204 4,047 16,704
Tasks inconclusive 1,047 7,122 444 106 4,560 13,279
Tasks pending 129,537 118,181 17,817 23,425 25,493 314,453
Tasks failed 95,781 36,299 12,757 10,143 6,927 161,907
Tasks too late 427 87 528 559 72 1,673
Workunits total 452,636 397,480 329,760 181,988 89,791 1,451,655
Workunits without canonical result 177,195 160,188 89,158 80,834 42,098 549,473
Computing O2MDF FGRPB1G FGRP5 O2MD1 BRP4 Total
(from successful tasks last week)
206 124 2,267 2,061 165 4,823
CPU weeks
(from successful tasks last week)
1,245 770 15,443 13,437 3,143 34,038
Granted credit / 100
(from successful tasks last week)
4,982,392 14,888,397 1,821,681 1,164,659 54,687 22,911,816
Workunits finished last week 275,473 237,296 240,530 101,132 47,693 902,124
Backlogs O2MDF FGRPB1G FGRP5 O2MD1 BRP4 Total
Workunits waiting for validation 1 2 1 0 0 4
Workunits waiting for assimilation 7 5 0 7 0 19
Workunits waiting for file deletion 0 0 7 2 0 9
Tasks waiting for file deletion 0 0 12 3 0 15


Replica behind master0s
Transitioner backlog1s
Participants with credit473,182
Participants registered in past 24h32
Participants active last two weeks21,816
Host computers
Hosts registered in past 24h115
Hosts with credit1,793,452
Hosts active last two weeks35,156
CPU cores of active hosts261,609
GPU productivity (last 7 days)
Hosts w/ ATI/AMD GPU3,560
Hosts w/ NVIDIA GPU10,090
Hosts w/ INTEL HD GPU5,454
Validating hosts w/ ATI/AMD GPU2,341
Validating hosts w/ NVIDIA GPU5,873
Validating hosts w/ INTEL GPU2,545
Avg daily valid results (ATI/AMD)46,874
Avg daily valid results (NVIDIA)82,254
Avg daily valid results (INTEL)4,910
Avg daily credit (ATI/AMD)135,055,276
Avg daily credit (NVIDIA)138,448,784
Avg daily credit (INTEL)8,361,096
Computing capacity
Floating point speed
(from recent average credit of all users)
4822.5 TFLOPS

FGRP5 search progress

Total needed Already done Work still remaining
29,753,595 units25,059,777 units4,693,818 units
991.9 days893.6 days98.3 days (estimated)
done per day (averaged over 5 d): 47,742 units

FGRPB1G search progress

Total needed Already done Work still remaining
69,844,425 units68,787,252 units1,057,173 units
1147.1 days1124.6 days22.5 days (estimated)
done per day (averaged over 5 d): 47,018 units

BRP4 (Arecibo "Mock") progress

Search progress 
Beams to analyze156346
Beams 100% processed103553
Beam equivalent to successful work108.8 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today2.6 beams/day
Days to process remaining data62494.9 days

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