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Project daemons

Program HostStatus
DB purgereinstein3Running
Scheduler log publishereinstein10Running
file upload handler mediumeinstein3Disabled
file upload handler largeeinstein4Running
FGRPB1 work generatoreinstein3Not Running
FGRPB1 validatoreinstein3Running
FGRPB1 assimilatoreinstein3Running
FGRPB1 file deletereinstein3Running
BRP4 work generatoreinstein3Not Running
BRP4 validatoreinstein3Running
BRP4 assimilatoreinstein3Running
BRP4 file deletereinstein3Running
BRP4 file deleter e1einstein3Running
BRP4 file deleter e6einstein3Running
BRP4G work generatoreinstein3Not Running
BRP4G validatoreinstein3Running
BRP4G assimilatoreinstein3Running
BRP4G file deletereinstein3Running
BRP4G file deleter e1einstein3Running
BRP4G file deleter e6einstein3Running
BRP6 work generatoreinstein3Not Running
BRP6 validatoreinstein3Running
BRP6 assimilatoreinstein3Running
BRP6 file deletereinstein3Running
O1AS20-100F work generatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100F validatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100F assimilatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100F file deletereinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100I work generatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100I validatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100I assimilatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100I file deletereinstein4Disabled
Running: Program is operating normally
Not Running: Program failed or ran out of work
(or the project is down)
Disabled: Program has been disabled by staff
(for debugging/maintenance)

Workunits and tasks

Tasks total 833,530 315,219 215,921 198,005 1,562,675
Tasks to send 2,395 3,860 7,758 3,326 17,339
Tasks in progress 230,073 83,044 44,940 28,640 386,697
Tasks valid 478,192 156,192 111,680 124,820 870,884
Tasks invalid 813 2,310 1,411 4,391 8,925
Tasks inconclusive 651 1,361 741 690 3,443
Tasks pending 53,548 49,240 31,651 17,637 152,076
Tasks failed 50,875 16,260 10,694 14,980 92,809
Tasks too late 1,432 179 198 311 2,120
Workunits total 602,329 146,417 98,169 88,033 934,948
Workunits without canonical result 213,603 68,470 42,366 24,507 348,946
Computing FGRPB1 BRP6 BRP4 BRP4G in DB
(from successful tasks last week)
1,764 41 41 20 1,865
CPU weeks
(from successful tasks last week)
27,178 436 2,157 143 29,914
Granted credit / 100
(from successful tasks last week)
3,054,914 5,662,316 59,230 1,147,830 9,924,290
Workunits finished last week 388,496 77,914 55,793 63,529 585,732
Backlogs FGRPB1 BRP6 BRP4 BRP4G in DB
Workunits waiting for validation 6 1 0 0 7
Workunits waiting for assimilation 7 3 1 0 11
Workunits waiting for file deletion 0 0 0 0 0
Tasks waiting for file deletion 0 0 0 0 0


Replica behind master0s
Transitioner backlog0s
Participants with credit438,489
Participants registered in past 24h232
Participants active last two weeks38,647
Host computers#
Hosts registered in past 24h372
Hosts with credit1,562,640
Hosts active last two weeks54,081
GPU productivity (last 7 days)#
Hosts w/ ATI/AMD GPU5,054
Hosts w/ NVIDIA GPU11,383
Hosts w/ INTEL HD GPU6,421
Validating hosts w/ ATI/AMD GPU2,781
Validating hosts w/ NVIDIA GPU7,345
Validating hosts w/ INTEL GPU1,363
Avg daily valid results (ATI/AMD)8,665
Avg daily valid results (NVIDIA)25,609
Avg daily valid results (INTEL)10,124
Avg daily credit (ATI/AMD)26,102,771
Avg daily credit (NVIDIA)69,761,686
Avg daily credit (INTEL)1,041,018
Computing capacity#
Floating point speed
(from recent average credit of all users)
1865.2 TFLOPS

FGRPB1 search progress

Total needed Already done Work still remaining
100.00 %82.37 %17.63 %
7,427,857 units6,118,548 units1,309,309 units
259.6 days236.1 days23.6 days (estimated)
done per day (averaged over 7d): 55,502 units

BRP4 (Arecibo "Mock") progress

Search progress 
Beams to analyze118586
Beams 100% processed103553
Beam equivalent to successful work108564.8 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today46.2 beams/day
Days to process remaining data219.8 days

BRP6 (PMPS XT) progress

Search progress 
Beams to analyze41030
Beams 100% processed28725 (70 %)
Beam equivalent to successful work39411.1 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today65.9 beams/day
Days to process remaining data24.7 days

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