Windows NT4 No Longer Compatible?

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RE: I did an app_info file

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I did an app_info file pointing to the modifid app Bernd created. Everything else I run are stock apps and clients. I have too many machines running too many OS's to optimize. I did nothing for SETI as it only effected 1 computer that is not NT. BTW the reason I have so many OS's (especially servers OS's) is I am a freelance developer in regulated industries (pharma, biotech, food) so I need to be able to replicate client's systems for FDA/USDA issues. Therefore "upgrades" are out of the question. I wiil not even go into the PLCs and DCS systems I own.



I understand completely! ;-)

In that event, I don't blame you for not wanting to mess around with your testbed platforms too much. :-)

If they aren't broke for their primary function, then don't fix them! :-D


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