Whet and Dhry stones

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OK as the weather is cold i've been looking at how to warm things up and so investigated a bit of cpu over-clocking.

I'll confess i know nothing about this other than start from a stable working system, running a i5-4690K i have dabbled.


stdoutdae.txt:14-Jan-2016 12:22:29 [---]    5162 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU
stdoutdae.txt:14-Jan-2016 12:22:29 [---]    27252 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU


stdoutdae.txt:24-Jan-2016 18:42:19 [---]    5953 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU
stdoutdae.txt:24-Jan-2016 18:42:19 [---]    31472 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU

I will report back later with details (the o/c is in percentage what i expected), but something odd caught my eye - the Dhrystone numbers are large.

These figures (for i5) seem extremely high. In fact i could not find anything higher.

So i searched for some similar Linux hosts - this

hostA and hostB

are similar.

whereas these Windows based

host W1 and host W2 and host W3

Dhrystone are much smaller. Whetstone roughly the same.

Measured floating point speed 5423.29 million ops/sec
Measured integer speed 17629.12 million ops/sec

Any suggestions why these i5s all are higher than i7? (Hyper-threading?)

Why the Linux Dhrystone difference?

Or are these just random numbers...