What are we doing? - The science behind BRP5

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RE: This would be possible

This would be possible by building a LISA-like gravitational wave detector, which just has been proposed to the European space agency under the name of [urk=http://support.elisascience.org/]"eLISA - The Gravitational Universe"[/url].

"eLISA - The Gravitational Universe"

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Since I started the thread

Since I started the thread with a question you guys were kind enough to answer, I thought I should let you know that I have read your answers and thank you for your time and patience.

I believe all of my major questions and many others I did not know enough to ask have been answered.

Thank you all, again.

Mike Hewson
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Well, just in case anybody

Well, just in case anybody wants to drink more from the firehose here is a great resource produced by the people at Green Bank Telescope. It explains pulsars in their generality, search techniques and also outlines the uses of the PRESTO software, explaining in detail the meaning of the various parameter analyses. The diagrams will look quite familiar, as PRESTO is used by E@H eg. see the 'confirmation' plots on our pulsar discovery pages, say here.

Cheers, Mike.

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This was a very informative

This was a very informative thread! I love this board! So basically launching eLisa orbiter satelite in 2015 will allow for the BRP3 run to extend the orbital parameter space significantly and not limit yourself to pulsars which orbit binary motions oriented at earth's point of view line?

So exciting!!

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